From the beginning, we believed that we could achieve more by chasing an ideal instead of chasing the competition. We were right about that . . . John Sanborn, Founding Member

When we founded Fort Point, we had a clear vision of WHY we established the Company. We had a driving purpose to BRING OUT THE BEST IN PEOPLE. Combined, we had many years of experience in the Staffing Industry. So, it seemed like a natural fit to pool our resources, skills, experience and technical know-how with our WHY to create the greatest possible value in our work – and we became Fort Point. We place highly skilled professionals in contract and direct hire jobs – that’s the end product and WHAT we do. And WHY we do it drives HOW we do it. And we believe that makes all the difference.

In the course of our business, we are often faced with opportunities to try something new or do another in a different way. We embrace those moments. And, when making decisions based on opportunities, we ask if it supports our vision – does it move us closer to our purpose to BRING OUT THE BEST IN PEOPLE? If we believe that it will and it supports the general bounds of a healthy business, we’ll do it. If it doesn’t, we will not. That simple.

So, what does it mean to BRING OUT THE BEST IN PEOPLE? We recognize that this may seem like a lofty and intangible goal if left standing alone without definition. In our chosen business, we believe that it means to connect people with companies that offer opportunities that help both reach their unique goals – professionally and personally. It’s become part of our process to jointly discover and develop those goals individually with them. We recognize that fulfillment comes when people live their lives and careers with purpose – and through our work we strive to move people toward greater purpose and fulfillment and bring out their best.

For us, to BRING OUT THE BEST IN PEOPLE is not a Company slogan or tagline. Its our core belief system and it drives what we do every day. Knowing this is why we get up in the morning and do what we do each day and has set us free in our clear vision and purpose. And we know that this freedom flows through our work processes, excitement in what we do, communications, daily interactions and most importantly results with both our candidates and customer companies.