It shouldn’t just be a job. It should be a part of a larger plan, a career path that makes you feel you are spending your time and talents toward reward and fulfillment.

You have skills, desire and experience. You want these to be utilized and recognized, to give purpose to life and to lead to accomplishment and success.

Fort Point specializes in recruitment, employment and career management of technical and professional trades and services. We are not driven by daily metrics and short-term profit in pairing talent with companies. Rather, we are beholden to a belief system that emphasizes bringing out the best in people.

You are not just name and a number in a database or a product we sell. Maybe sometime in the past, you sought the support of a staffing firm, and in that experience, you did not receive the guidance or true support you needed in a time of transition. Finding the right opportunity may have seemed out of reach.

We are not interested in placing you just anywhere. We want to get it right for you and your future to bring out the best in you. We invest in you as a person and a professional with due respect to your accomplishments and capabilities. We spend time with you to understand your talents and motivations. We ask tough questions that help you think through career choices.

Together with you, we develop and operate according to shared values about how people should relate and communicate in making the most of professional career opportunities. We also seek hiring companies with those same values. We simply will not stop until we know we have positioned you for growth and achievement.

You’ll understand the difference as soon as you start working with us. It’s a feeling that will last well beyond a job placement or assignment. Once you join Fort Point, you’re part of the family, and we’ll be there for you.

There is something more for you out there. Call us at 844-387-6468 today and put yourself on the path to finding it.